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Belize is one of the most popular destinations in the world for everyone from tourists to retirees to people looking to start a new life. And of all the destinations in Belize, it is Ambergris Caye which has earned a top spot as one of the best places to visit, live, and work in the country. Ambergris Caye has even been dubbed the “crown jewel of Belize,” which should not be surprising to anyone who has lived in or simply visited the area.

Yet Ambergris Cayes’ many accomplishments have not gone unnoticed: it has even received awards and accolades from the international community! Let’s take a closer look at Ambergris Cay and why it truly deserves its title of the “Crown Jewel of Belize.”


What Makes Ambergris Caye Memorable

Ambergris Caye is one of Belize’s 200 or so islands, and it is the largest inhabitable island in Belize. In addition to its large size, Ambergris Caye is home to some of the most beautiful coastline in Belize, with gorgeous beaches that are popular year-round. Ambergris Caye is home to a little bit of everything to enjoy in Belize, from natural sights and sounds such as beaches and great hiking trails; to tourist attractions such as unforgettable boat tours and restaurants; as well as an awesome nightlife, as well as plenty to do for everyone from single retirees to families traveling with children.


Popularity of Ambergris Caye for Real Estate and Business

Ambergris Caye isn’t just a hot spot for tourists: it’s an exceptionally popular area for both real estate and business opportunities as well. The most lucrative business industries in Belize are agriculture and tourism, which make up the bulk of Belize’s business operations.

Real estate investments in Belize are also significantly popular. In fact, in 2017, the Forbes real Estate Council announced in its findings that Belize was “second of 9 districts outside of the United States that should be on a real estate investor’s radar.” The reason for this is multi-fold:

  • Belize is a structurally stable country with a stable exchange rate to the USD, which makes it less financially unstable compared to real estate investments in other countries
  • Economy in Belize has grown by 20% in recent years
  • The official language is English which makes it easy for non-nationals to do business in Belize
  • The laws and regulations in Belize are based on British common law
  • There are tax incentives for many businesses in Belize


List of Awards and Accolades for Ambergris Caye

These are just a few of the many awards and accolades that Ambergris Caye has received in recent years:

  • TripAdvisor #1 Island in the World: 2013, 2014,
  • Huffington Post Top 5 Overseas Property Makers (2015)
  • S. News and World Report’s Top Caribbean Retirement Spot (2016)
  • Caribbean Journal ‘fastest-growing tourism market in the Caribbean’ (2016)
  • International Living Retirement Index 98/100 score for “Fitting In” (2016)
  • TripAdvisor Top 10 Destinations in Central America (2016)
  • Second in Forbes’ Nine International Areas Real Estate Investors Should Give a Look (2017)
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