Mahogany Bay Village
Ownership Opportunity

Mahogany Bay Village

South Ambergris Village offers a unique opportunity to own property around Mahogany Bay Village in the saem Master-Planned / Gated Community.

Mahogany Bay Village is home to a Hilton Curio resort and is a Costal Living Community on Ambergirs Caye, Belize. The area is within San Pedro Town and is a few hours south of the San Pedro Airport. If you are looking for an investment opportunity in Belize, check out South Ambergris Village.

Mahogany Bay Village and South Ambergris Village provide an investment opportunity to own property in one of the most sought after destinations in the Caribbean.

What is Mahogany Bay Village

Mahogany Bay Village is a beautiful, secure and unique resort community filled with custom-crafted villa homes that match the charm and appeal of Ambergris Caye, Belize. Property around the area is now available to private investors who are looking to live in comfort and convenience while taking in the beauty and calm of island life on Ambergris Caye in Belize.

Mahogany Bay Vconsists of a series of villas that were custom-crafted by local Belizean and international architects and designers to create a truly unique style which combines the modernity of loft living with the comfort of traditional rustic aesthetics. The end result is a unique interior and exterior that works perfectly with the island life of Ambergris Caye. Best of all, each villa opens up to private backyards that go against the island’s local canals. This allows for a free, customizable space that villa owners can tailor to their personal vision.


Mahogany Bay Village Community Living

The community at Mahogany Bay Village is friendly, inviting and full of smiling faces that welcome every newcomer into the fold. Whether you are there for a week to scope out the investment opportunity or you’re the traveler taking a look at the property, locals are ready to welcome you with open arms. This level of friendliness and openness is part of what makes living at Mahogany Bay Village so attractive for vacationers, tourists and people looking to move to Belize alike. The area is a Costal Living Community and home to a Hilton Curio resort with an array of amenities.


Villas Available

South Ambergris Village around Mahogany Bay provides a unique opportunity to own property in the Costal Living community and develop a home/villa unique to you. There are a few pre-approved builders and designs to choose from to matche the charm of the community.

If you are looking to invest in the pre-designed villas at Mahogany Bay, you will be interested to know that there are multiple units available. Each unit has its own specifications, which are as follows:

  • Family Cottage unit: a 1,246 square feet cottage designed to sleep up to 6 guests
  • 2-Bed Townhouse Unit: a 1,746 square feet unit designed to sleep up to 4 guests
  • 3-Bed townhouse unit: a 2,364 square feet unit designed to sleep up to 6 guests
  • 2-Story Family Homes: 2,160 square feet unit designed to sleep 4 to 8 guests
  • 3-Story Family Homes: 2,740 square feet unit designed to sleep up to 10 guests

As you can see, the breadth of units available makes this an ideal choice for investing in a villa (no matter the size) that you can either rent out or sell in order to increase your own income.


Investment Opportunity

If you are interested in an investment opportunity through Mahogany Bay Homes, then all you need to do is contact us with your personal information and you will get started on your personal investment journey. Before you start your journey, make sure you read up about the best tips and tricks for investing in property in Belize, which has quickly become one of the hottest vacation, retirement and general tourist destinations in the world.

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